Staying Fit while Traveling...

I look at vacation as a time to focus on myself, my workouts, my rest, and my eating. My normal routine involves hour to hour scheduling and fitting in my workout when I can and getting home as fast as possible to walk the dog.  My plan on vacation is to work on when I wake up (without an alarm) and take my time, even including a 15 minute post workout stretch session. 

In the past I have posted how to travel with healthy

Workouts that involve no equipment so you can do them anywhere; here, here, here, and here. (Those are just my favorites)

Beach ready

Here are my latest tips for staying healthy while traveling...

To stay hydrated on the plane and on those long travel days I brought Nuun tablets with me to put in my water. The have some great flavors and it really helped me to continue to drink while traveling avoid dehydration.

Research gyms, yoga & Pilates studios before you travel. Some places offer one week passes or have good drop-in rates. I found an awesome early morning beach yoga class for our trip and I can't wait to give it a try, even the husband is coming!

Bring small equipment with you. Resistance bands are so small and compatible and a magic circle can easily fit at the bottom of your bag.

Plan to walk most places! 

Pack snacks to bring with you during the day to avoid stopping for a special treat. My latest find are Honey Stinger Vanilla Waffles, they are crazy good!

Hand sanitizer is a must in your bag at all times!

What are your healthy travel tips?


Workout Plan for the Week:
Monday: New No Equipment Workout (coming soon!)
Tuesday; 7 Mile Run and Pilates
Wednesday: Yoga
Thursday: 6 Mile Run and Pilates
Friday: Yoga
Saturday: 7 Mile Run
Sunday: Hill Workout!



Healthy In-Flight Dining and On the Go!

I have a fear of being stuck somewhere or even worse in the middle of teaching a session and getting hungry.  Me hungry is really ugly, it's all I can think about and I get pretty irritable fast.  I make sure to have healthy well-balanced snacks with me all the time, especially with how active my job keeps me. Every morning before heading into work I put together my breakfast, snack, and something extra just in case I need a little more than normal.  The same thing goes for when I travel. I make sure to have a healthy almost meal sized snack and some smaller snacks as well because you never know what your airport and in-flight options will be. Here are the snacks that I have found to travel best, stay fresh, and keep me fueled and hydrated no matter where I am.

What are your on the go healthy eating favorites?

BKR water bottle,  Green Apple, Vega One Protein , Larabars , Justin's Nut Butter Squeeze Packets, Emergen-C, Peeled Mango Snacks


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For your face...Vacation Ready. On the beach, by the pool, or touring a city in the sun.

I like to think of myself as always prepared, especially when traveling.  When we toured Australia we went from cities to beaches, mangroves, rainforests, scuba diving, hiking, tennis matches, let's just say we did a lot.  We typically left our hotel room between 7 and 8am and returned maybe before dinner to wash up and sometimes not until much later.  Last summer when reading some fashion blogs I came across one of my new favorite accessories and gifts to give, truffle pouches.  They are fully closable, come in varying sizes, and are cute.  I love being able to put all of my necessities in one little pouch and being able to transfer them all from one bag to the next without dumping my bag to find everything. Below is a list of the things I find most needed to get ready for a day out and about in the sun.  I like to keep my makeup minimal when in the sun and the water, not only is it not attractive to be sweating makeup all of your clothes but it's not good for your skin.  Think less is more!


1). Truffle One No 1 Clarity Pouch.

2) SkinCeuticals Ultimate UV Defense SPF 30.  My favorite sunscreen. Goes on smooth, scent free, and doesn't clog  pores.  I find this to provide great coverage and long lasting protection.

3) Ultra folding hair brush mirror.  I have a couple folding brushes from makeup freebies, they are great for travel and fit in almost every bag.

4) Maybelline Volum' Express Colossal Waterproof Mascara. For waterproof mascara this gives great length and is non-irritant. And you can't beat the price.

5) Scrunci No Damage Thick elastics. Never go without a hair tie.

6) Dermalogica Travel Size Multi-Active Toner. A friend gave me this as a gift and said it was great for travel.  It is! I used it on the plane to refresh and often times midday.  It helps to rehydrate your skin, especially if you want to reapply.

7) Bobbi Brown Long Wear Eye Pencil. Goes on smooth with clean precise lines and is waterproof.

8) Chantecaille Ultra Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 50 primer. I love this product.  Not only is it sunscreen but also a terrific primer.  The consistency is very different from most sunscreens.  It goes on feeling a little greasy but dries quickly leaving skin feeling hydrated.  Makeup goes on smooth and stays on!  I am so impressed with this product, the coverage was amazing and long lasting.  In the strongest sun I never burned, even after 4-5 hours.  

9) Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment SPF 15.

10) Philosophy Melon Daiquiri Flavored Lip Shine. Adds a pop of color and shine without looking overdone.

11) Neutrogena Make-up Remover Cleansing Towelettes. I carry these almost everywhere.  Great to refresh on the go!


What are your must have sunny vacation must haves?