For your...Skin. Keep your skin hydrated and healthy in the artic...Chicago.

Happy Friday!  Update about tonight's event at Blue Mercury, we are going to postpone the event until after the holidays so more of you can come!

I woke up this morning and the TV said -3 degrees!  Are you kidding me! The weathermen keep saying that these cold days are not indicative of the rest of winter and let's hope so.  As the temperature plummets my skin demands more attention, especially my hands.  Here are some things you can do to keep your skin soft and non-irritated...

1) Avoid taking long hot showers.  I know it is just what we what to do but it is super drying to your skin.

2) Stay hydrated. Drink lots of water to fight off the winter dry air.

3) Wear your SPF.  The winter sun is super strong even though it ain't warm!

4) Exfoliate with a good body scrub 1-2x a week.  

5) Get a humidifier. Not only will it help your breathing, but also your skin!

Here are my picks for best winter skin care.

The California Baby Calendula Cream is really amazing.  It is created for newborns very sensitive skin and works great on extra-dry, irritated, and even cracked skin.  A little pricey for a small container but a little goes a long way.  

What's your favorite winter skin favorite?

J.R. Watkins Coconut Scrub, Kiehl's Gently Exfoliating Body Scrub, Kiehl's Lip Balm , Aquaphor, Kiehl's Body Butter ,L'Occitane Hand Cream , California Baby Calendula Cream

J.R. Watkins Coconut Scrub, Kiehl's Gently Exfoliating Body Scrub, Kiehl's Lip Balm , Aquaphor, Kiehl's Body Butter ,L'Occitane Hand Cream , California Baby Calendula Cream

For your face. My skincare routine.

I remember reading Glamour magazine while sitting on the sun deck of my house senior year in college,  reading that section that says what you should be doing for your skin in your 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, etc. and thinking I need to be doing everything it said.  The three things that stood out to me were:
1) Make sure to remove your makeup every night before bed.
2) Wear Suncscreen daily!
3)  It is never too early to start using eye cream.
With that being said I started wearing a tinted moisturizer with SPF, became more diligent about removing my makeup at night (especially my eye makeup), and eye cream became a part of my routine.  As most of you know I am a beauty product addict and love trying new products and learning as much as possible about the latest products, trends, and information. I recently had a facial at a dermatology office and prior to going I wrote down a few questions for the cosmetologist regarding my skincare regime. Upon meeting I wanted to know everything she was doing, her skin was radiant and flawless. Her advice was simple, here it goes:

Everyone needs/must be using three products daily to keep your skin looking young and healthy: 

1) After washing your face in the morning, apply a vitamin C based product.  Vitamin C serums reduce the signs of skin damage caused by the sun and other environmental stressors.  Long term use has been shown to regenerate collagen and reduce the appearance of wrinkles.  
2) Next you must apply sunscreen everyday.  That can be sunscreen within your moisturizer.  
3) At night use a product with some form of Retinal or Retrinal. These products contain vitamin A which help to smooth away fine lines and wrinkles, improve skins texture and tone, prevent future signs of aging, and restore radiance. After using, follow up with your nightly face cream.

After we spoke, I asked her for some recommendations for my skin specifically.  Since I am fairly young with normal type skin and summer is around the corner she suggested  that I start with a very  mild form of Retinal called Retrinal because the sun can cause quite a bit of irritation when using retinal.  I trusted her suggestions since she works at a very reputable Dermatology office and I felt if I was going to purchase fairly expensive products that I would do so per suggestion of a professional.  

I started my new skincare routine a few weeks ago and my skin feels great.  I took a picture the day I left the dermatologist in hopes that in a few months I can take a post-new routine picture to see the differences.  

What are you current favorite anti-aging products?  I would love to hear:-)

*If you have sensitive skin or you are currently taking medication for your skin you should speak with your Dermatologist before switching up your routine.