For your Face...All about Eyebrows

It's been awhile since my last beauty post. I still have a great love for products but my routine has stayed pretty simple and constant lately.  The one product I recently found and have already hooked many of my girlfriends on is Nars Eyebrow Gel.  Besides getting my eyebrows waxed and weekly tweezing maintenance I never paid much attention to my brows.  A few years ago I bought a brow pencil that I didn't love but used it occasionally never really noticing a difference.  About two months I was chatting with one of the girls at Blue Mercury about eyebrows and how they really shape a person's face and create definition. She mentioned I should try the Nars product and it is really great! It goes on so easy with a mascara like wand and it stays on all day.  It comes in 4 colors (I used Athens), fills in brows and gives them more shape by using the wand to lift up your brows as you brush in the gel and then gently brush them towards their natural shape.  And you probably all know this but Tweezerman makes the best tweezers. The combination of the two is perfect for shapely eyebrows and a more contoured face:-) 

For the Face...How to make the most of your samples!

I love a good sample, I really do.  The one thing that frustrated me about samples was that if you didn't use them right away after opening that they sometimes would go bad.  They would often get a little hard around the edges or the product with leak out, you would use too much at once and you have to remember to keep them in a plastic bag and that doesn't always happen.  My favorite lady at Blue Mercury let me in on the best tip for using just the right amount of product and how to keep it fresh and long lasting... 

Take a safety pin and prick the sample!  It is so simple.  Using this technique allowed me to use just the right amount of eye cream and use the sample for 10 whole days (this was amazing because the sample was of a $300 eye cream).  Now go and use those samples, you never know you may just find your next favorite product.