EXCITING NEWS: MindFuel Wellness

So I have been very busy and a little MIA from Fitsouffle but I have been working on something very exciting..MindFuel Wellness. I am so incredibly excited to share my new endeavor with you all. My long time yoga teacher and friend starting chatting a few months ago about our passion for overall health, wellness, and fitness. We truly practice what we preach; our love of movement whether that be yoga, Pilates, running, and strength training, to our love of good wholesome healthy eating, we want to know more and share what we do know. After getting together over many green juices, smoothies, and kale salads, MindFuel Wellness was born!

MindFuel Wellness is a corporate wellness company.

Our goal is simple: to bring wellness initiatives to employees in an accessible and direct manner to improve overall quality of life and work productivity.

Our offerings will include movement classes (Pilates, yoga), wellness workshops and Healthy Hour, not your typical Happy Hour!

MindFuel, and our partnership, is built on our love of movement and our commitment to healthy, mindful living. Jacquelyn comes from a background of exercise science, sport-specific training and Fletcher Pilates. Kelly comes from a background of dance, endurance sports and various yoga disciplines. We joined forces in Fall ‘14 with a vision to bring wellness and fitness to more people in Chicago and answer the demand for innovative programs within companies.

If this sounds interesting to you (we hope it does!) feel free to do any of the following:

  • Connect us to your company so we can teach you and your colleagues
  • Connect us to your friend’s companies and help them grow their wellness community
  • Introduce us to your building’s gym/wellness facility
  • Reach out to us to create your own group class

We are excited to share this journey with you!

If you are interested in finding out more or have any questions please leave a comment below or email us: [email protected]

Moving forward I will continue to post at Fitsouffle but we will also have a much more comprehensive blog on MindFuel! I have always wanted to be able to share more with all of you but with teaching Pilates and Shred415 full time my schedule can be a little packed, with the help of Kelly you will be getting more and better content! We will also have an option to become a client of MindFuel online where you can get access to our classes to listen to and practice whether that be at home or on the road, just take us with you! 

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