For your Face...All about Eyebrows

It's been awhile since my last beauty post. I still have a great love for products but my routine has stayed pretty simple and constant lately.  The one product I recently found and have already hooked many of my girlfriends on is Nars Eyebrow Gel.  Besides getting my eyebrows waxed and weekly tweezing maintenance I never paid much attention to my brows.  A few years ago I bought a brow pencil that I didn't love but used it occasionally never really noticing a difference.  About two months I was chatting with one of the girls at Blue Mercury about eyebrows and how they really shape a person's face and create definition. She mentioned I should try the Nars product and it is really great! It goes on so easy with a mascara like wand and it stays on all day.  It comes in 4 colors (I used Athens), fills in brows and gives them more shape by using the wand to lift up your brows as you brush in the gel and then gently brush them towards their natural shape.  And you probably all know this but Tweezerman makes the best tweezers. The combination of the two is perfect for shapely eyebrows and a more contoured face:-) 

From Sweaty to Chic. How to clean up quick after a good sweat session.

There are some days where you have to choose between getting in a workout or running errands, heading to brunch after a workout and you don't have time to shower? Maybe you don't have to choose between a workout and errands but just skip the shower before brunch for now! You can get your workout in by using these quick tips to clean up and get going without anyone knowing you just worked out.  I teach bootcamp on Tuesday and Thursday mornings and I have less than five minutes between class and a client to clean up and look semi-cute and smelling's possible! 

How to:
1) Take hair down and brush, spray lightly with glossing mist.  It adds a clean smell and tames fly-aways.
2) Clean face with a Neutrogena cleansing towelette. 
3) Apply lotion, creamy concealer, a light touch of bronzer and blush only if needed (sometimes your post workout glow is enough!)
4) Reapply deodorant to stay smelling fresh:-)
5) Apply mascara to brighten eyes.
6) Simply braid hair to the side to look a little more polished than your workout pony. 

Voila! Ready to tackle the world smelling fresh and looking CHIC!

The first photo is after teaching an hour long bootcamp and running 2 miles in a downpour (hideous),  I have to say I clean up nicely, even under 5 minutes :-)  

For your face...a FLAWLESS look.

My sister recently sent me a subscription to Birchbox, a monthly beauty product subscription.  Each month they send you a few different samples ranging from soap, lotion, lipstick, perfume, powder, etc.  They also have a great website with tips, tutorials, and discounts on special products.  I was reading about the beautyblender on their site and purchased one a few weeks ago.  It is incredible.  I was skeptical at first because of the price and I often find you can use less expensive versions of brushes and get the same results, but this really is better!
It is more firm than a regular beauty sponge and it creates a seamless, flawless look.  Until now I hesitated to use foundation all over, it often appeared too cakey but the beautyblender eliminates that look. It makes applying makeup easier and I have found that I can use less and get more coverage.

Bobbi Brown Concealer/Correcto, BeautyBlender, Nars Sheer Glow Foundation, Shiseido Translucent Pressed Powder, YSL "Touche Eclat" Radiant Touch Highlighter

The makeup above is my go to for a "flawless" face :-) The Shiseido powder is a new addition to my makeup routine.  It does a great job of setting makeup without getting cakey, especially in fine line areas like the undereye. I reviewed the YSL highlighter awhile ago here, and since then my love has grown.  I toss it in my purse on long day or a night out for quick touch-ups!

For your face. Arcona Chamomile Balm.

Have I mentioned that I order most everything online? is a shopping affiliate website of,,, and so many more.  I first found out about this great chain because we order Moose's food from, then I realized I could order almost anything through one of their many websites and receive free shipping by spending around $50.  Their products arrive within 2-4 days of ordering and they have a rewards program within their site (I love rewards programs!). carries an amazing array of brands from Kate Spade, Bliss, to L'Occitane and you receive 30% your first order.  I have been in need of new face lotion and have been wanting to try Arcona products for some time.  

$28, for 0.51 oz., a little goes a long way.

The Arcona products meet the standards to be classified as a natural product, they are primarliy made of natural ingredients with minimal processing. The chamomile balm is great for cold winter days, when your skin is feeling especially dry.  I have been applying it for almost a week and my skin feels smooth and hydrated.  I am so happy to have found a natural product that you can use both morning and night.  I'm definitely going to look into trying out a few more of their products!