Moose Mug and and Evening at Goosefoot.

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!

She clearly does not love this as much as Ryan does.

Saturday evening we had a reservation at Goosefoot here in Chicago.  I was so excited, after having the reservation for almost four months the anticipation was getting to me.  A lot of my clients have either been or have been trying to get in and everyone has been buzzing about it for months.  The restaurant is quite simple and located in an unexpected place.  Upon entering we were greeted by a very friendly staff and seated in their small and modest dining space.  The chef's wife, NIna came to our table and gave us a lovely welcome and told us a little about the upcoming 9 courses for the evening.  She was so lovely and charming, she won me over from the beginning of the meal.  The food is considered contemporary American and BEAUTIFUL.  Here is a tour through our meal last night, ENJOY...

All 9 courses

The food was as tasty as the presentation.  The flavors were exciting and very unique.  Some of the foods appeared to be one thing yet were something very surprisingly different. The service started with a  lovely amuse-buche (I just love saying that word) which was delicate and sweet, preparing you for the meal and by the second course one of our friends exclaimed, "This is my favorite dish!"  We had to remind her there were 7 more courses to come.  From the service all the way down to the little details on the plate, everything was phenomenal.  For your favorite foodies next special occasion I say Goosefoot all the way, and did I mention it's BYOB?!

Workout Plan for the Week:
Sunday: Hot Vinyasa Yoga
Monday: Pilates and Run/Walk for 30 minutes
Tuesday: Teach Bootcamp
Wednesday: Strength and Cardio 
Thursday: Teach Bootcamp and Run/Walk
Friday: Hot Vinyasa Yoga
Saturday: OFF