Moose Mug + A weekend in photos. Tracking Workouts, do you?

The pictures below summarize our weekend!  It has been 6 weeks since the hubby and I have been in town together...that's a really long time, especially when you have opposite schedules during the week where you maybe get to eat dinner together once a week, so this weekend was much needed.  We went into the weekend without too many plans and it turned out great.  
Photo 1: Moose hiding from Oscar the Bernese Mountain dog.
Photo 2:  A plethora of glasses at the Randolph Street Market.  If you live in Chicago or are visiting on a weekend this summer, this Antique market is awesome.  Beautiful furniture, antiques, vintage clothing, food, handmade frames and jewelry!
Photo 3 & 4: 1st street festival of the summer for us, what could have been a really cute photo...
Photo 5: 2 out 5 window boxes done, if you live and Chicago and know where I can find coconut liners let me know, thanks!

I was asked the other day by a client if I track my workouts and if I do how?  

Every week on the blog I post my workouts and it is a way to keep me accountable for my workouts and I can look back and see what I have been doing.  But as far as "really" tracking my workouts I typically only do this when I am training for a race and in the past I have used an online program,  Training Peaks is a free online log where you can track your workouts and even find coaches or training programs for specific races (some specific programs cost money).  It is really helpful and you can also access it from your phone.

Have you used an online training log to track your workouts?

Workout plan for the week:

Sunday: OFF
Monday: 75 minute Hot Vinyasa Yoga
Tuesday: Teach Bootcamp and 3 mile Run
Wednesday: 60 minute Vinyasa
Thursday: Teach Bootcamp and Pilates
Friday: 8 mile Run
Saturday: 4 mile Run

Hope everyone had a wonderful and relaxing holiday weekend!

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