2015 Thoughts.

Happy 2015 everyone! I know I've been a little M.I.A. my apologies.  I hope it has started on a healthy foot. I was a little shocked the past two Sundays at 10am to find NO kale, spinach, swiss chard or salmon available at the grocery store.  I was a little annoyed at first but I applaud everyone who is trying to make changes to their diet in 2015, keep em up! Statistics say, only 7 days into the new year and 30% of resolutions are given up, and by the end of the month 70% of people will have given up.  So why does that happen and how do we make these resolutions stick? I have a lot of ideas as to why people drop off so fast and the biggest ones are that the goals are unrealistic, there is no plan in place on how to achieve them and people like immediate results and some things take time! 

Ideas for how to make your resolutions work:
1) Devise a plan on how you are going to make your resolution happen. Don't just say you want to make it happen, know how you are going to make it happen.

2) Break it down into daily, weekly, and monthly goals. Small changes are easier to attain than big ones all at once.

3) Create a support team. Let people in on your goals that will help you stick with it; motivators, positive influencers in your life, and maybe even some tough love people.  Letting others know about your goals often times makes you work harder towards it due to fear of failing.

4) Set up a reward system for holding onto your resolutions. 

5) Create a "why" list. Write down the benefits you hope to gain from the changes you are making. This is super motivating and re-reading this list will help you stick to it.

6) Change your surroundings. Remove triggers for your old habits you want to change; for example clean out your pantry of any foods you are trying to eliminate (cookies, chips, snacks foods that you just can't control yourself around). 

My 2015 Goals:
1) Cook even more, get more creative in the kitchen and cook using more superfoods.
Here are some blogs and cookbooks I've been obsessing over to help with these goals:-)

Nutrition Stripped : A guide to living whole and well written by a dietitian/nutritionist McKel.

JulieMorris.net: Savoring the Superfood Lifestyle by Julie Morris, tons of mouthwatering recipes using superfoods. 

2) Curb my sweet tooth. Only indulge when it's really worth it!

3) Limit eating out to 1x per week. (We are pretty good but over the holidays it went up to 2, maybe even 3x per week).

4) Run a minimum of 50 miles per month.

5) Take vitamins and probiotics EVERYDAY.

6) Watch less,

7) Run a sub 1:40 half marathon.

8) Set a budget for clothing and stick to it!

9) 3-4 hours of Restorative Exercise/Self-Care each week. This includes and is not limited to Pilates, Vinyasa Yoga, and Acupuncture.

10) Stay INJURY FREE! Listen to my body, when it asks for rest listen to it. 

I would love to hear your New Year's Goals & Resolutions, hopefully you're still with it 12 days in:-)

Workout Plan for the Week:
Sunday: Hot Vinyasa Yoga
Monday: Shred415 Arms and Abs
Tuesday: Teach Bootcamp and Pilates
Wednesday: OFF
Thursday: Shred415 Shredded Abs
Friday: Hot Vinyasa Yoga
Saturday: Shred415 Total Body